Server update to 3.1.8

  • Smokey now detects airbreak hacks faster (Sjomp)
  • Added MySQL debug script to detect MySQL errors / crashes (Joshy)
  • Updated SAMP server version to 0.3.7 R 2-2 (CarlJohnson)
  • Convoy Score achievement now unlocks at 5000 instead of 10,000 (CarlJohnson)
  • Smokey now detects vehicle warp hacks faster (CarlJohnson)
  • Admins can now push gamemode updates (mick88)

Server update to 3.1.3

Gamemode changes by CarlJohnson

  • Admins can now reload minimap zones incase they aren't loaded after a server crash.
  • Admins can now directly reload car parks.
  • Fixes error while unlocking accounts with no email address set.

Website update to 3.6.1

Today's update fixes donations - VIP should once again be awarded automatically to players who donate as long as donation form is used.

Server update to 3.1

Gamemode changes by Sjomp

  • Added announce API to show convoy trucking in their server list.
  • Added neon for selected vehicles
    • Available for: Hotknife, Slamvan, Buffalo, Jester, Sultan, Infernus, Voodoo, Cheetah, Hermes, Bullet, Hustler, Club, Elegy, Burrito and Sentinel
    • Buyable at (S)Shops
    • Ability to turn on/off neon with the No-button (n by default) or /neon
  • Added ability for mappers to retexture or put text on objects easier.
  • Allow club members to tow club vehicles.
  • Fixed trailer unspawn bug.

Map changes

  • Updated the tunnel in Las Venturas. (Sjomp)
  • Added roadwork in Doherty, San Fierro. (Sjomp)
  • Removed roadwork from Blackfield, Las Venturas.
  • Removed roadwork from Ridgecrest, Milestone County.

Map update

  • Updated Wet County Gas station by Benny
  • Added quarry at the top of Chillad by TheGame
  • Added Little Island by Ethan
  • Added roadwork by TheGame at Market, Los Santos
  • Removed roadwork from Las Payasadas
  • Removed old decoration map from Chillad

Website update to 3.5

  • Added map list page with a list of maps loaded in server
  • Added highlight to current section/page of the website in menu

Server update to 3.0

  • Added Convoy Legend achievement (CarlJohnson)
    • unlocks after achieving 10,000 convoy score
    • players without convoy achievement no longer get perks related to unlocking all achievements until they have unlocked Convoy achievement
  • Added fuel missions from Narwick Refinery (Sjomp)
  • Fixed convoy bonus for helicopter formation leader (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed trailer unspawning (Sjomp)
  • Fixed unfair convoy bonus calculation (Sjomp)
  • Added y_testing framework for writing automated unit test (mick88)
    • Continuous integration setup to monitor code quality

Website update to 3.2

  • Updated Lap times page: reduced duplicate vehicle/player entries - now only best time will be shown for each vehicle/player pair (mick88)
  • Upgraded Google Maps API for map to latest version (CarlJohnson)
  • Display player online time in hours only (CarlJohnson)
  • Player search is now case insensitive (viky)

Server update to 2.24

Gamemode changes

  • Removed Christmas decoration and present
  • Fixed default spawn (CarlJohnson)
  • Added help text regarding usage of ^ when player spawns as cop (CarlJohnson)

Map changes

  • Removed roadwork from LV Highway
  • Added roadwork at LV Highway by TheGame
  • Fixed bugs around Olafsvik