Server update to 3.5.1

Gamemode changes:

  • Improvements of creating actors for admins
  • Updated fuel missions payout
    • new way of calculation, payout will be less random
    • payout will be based on rates on stations

Server update to 3.5

Gamemode changes:

  • Fixed bug where country was shown as "Offline" sometimes
  • Fixed bug where you could get banned by Smokey while using cruisecontrol on planes
  • Updated gas stations (fixed a bug where players could easy increase rates on stations)
  • Added Sandus Keys Airport to accept flight missions
  • Added heli and limo missions to the new Sandus expansion
  • Fixed cruise control to work on the new Sandus expansion and in The Unresting Desert
  • Fixed bug in convoys where players could get convoy bonus without being in convoy
  • Updated Incognito streamer to V2.9.4
  • Added actors, admins can add them from ingame now

Server update to 3.4.4

Gamemode changes:

  • Increased max mission (Tyler)
  • Fixed fueling bug on Narwick airport (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed geoip location (Sjomp, thanks to dev member Kake)