Server update to 3.3

  • Added Christmas present script.
  • Added Christmas decoration around the map.

Forum is back

Our forum is back online. Sorry for the disruption. There was an issue with the DNS servers since our web hosting has been taken over by HapHost. 

Forum status

Hi, as you guys might have noticed the forum is down due to hosting company being changed unannounced. It will take sometime before the forum is migrated to other host and everything is set right. Thank you for your patience and support. 
For the time being feel free to contact us at our Facebook Page.

*Convoy Trucking Administration Team

Server update to 3.1.8

  • Smokey now detects airbreak hacks faster (Sjomp)
  • Added MySQL debug script to detect MySQL errors / crashes (Joshy)
  • Updated SAMP server version to 0.3.7 R 2-2 (CarlJohnson)
  • Convoy Score achievement now unlocks at 5000 instead of 10,000 (CarlJohnson)
  • Smokey now detects vehicle warp hacks faster (CarlJohnson)
  • Admins can now push gamemode updates (mick88)

Server update to 3.1.3

Gamemode changes by CarlJohnson

  • Admins can now reload minimap zones incase they aren't loaded after a server crash.
  • Admins can now directly reload car parks.
  • Fixes error while unlocking accounts with no email address set.

Website update to 3.6.1

Today's update fixes donations - VIP should once again be awarded automatically to players who donate as long as donation form is used.

Server update to 3.1

Gamemode changes by Sjomp

  • Added announce API to show convoy trucking in their server list.
  • Added neon for selected vehicles
    • Available for: Hotknife, Slamvan, Buffalo, Jester, Sultan, Infernus, Voodoo, Cheetah, Hermes, Bullet, Hustler, Club, Elegy, Burrito and Sentinel
    • Buyable at (S)Shops
    • Ability to turn on/off neon with the No-button (n by default) or /neon
  • Added ability for mappers to retexture or put text on objects easier.
  • Allow club members to tow club vehicles.
  • Fixed trailer unspawn bug.

Map changes

  • Updated the tunnel in Las Venturas. (Sjomp)
  • Added roadwork in Doherty, San Fierro. (Sjomp)
  • Removed roadwork from Blackfield, Las Venturas.
  • Removed roadwork from Ridgecrest, Milestone County.

Map update

  • Updated Wet County Gas station by Benny
  • Added quarry at the top of Chillad by TheGame
  • Added Little Island by Ethan
  • Added roadwork by TheGame at Market, Los Santos
  • Removed roadwork from Las Payasadas
  • Removed old decoration map from Chillad

Website update to 3.5

  • Added map list page with a list of maps loaded in server
  • Added highlight to current section/page of the website in menu

Server update to 3.0

  • Added Convoy Legend achievement (CarlJohnson)
    • unlocks after achieving 10,000 convoy score
    • players without convoy achievement no longer get perks related to unlocking all achievements until they have unlocked Convoy achievement
  • Added fuel missions from Narwick Refinery (Sjomp)
  • Fixed convoy bonus for helicopter formation leader (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed trailer unspawning (Sjomp)
  • Fixed unfair convoy bonus calculation (Sjomp)
  • Added y_testing framework for writing automated unit test (mick88)
    • Continuous integration setup to monitor code quality

Website update to 3.2

  • Updated Lap times page: reduced duplicate vehicle/player entries - now only best time will be shown for each vehicle/player pair (mick88)
  • Upgraded Google Maps API for map to latest version (CarlJohnson)
  • Display player online time in hours only (CarlJohnson)
  • Player search is now case insensitive (viky)

Server update to 2.24

Gamemode changes

  • Removed Christmas decoration and present
  • Fixed default spawn (CarlJohnson)
  • Added help text regarding usage of ^ when player spawns as cop (CarlJohnson)

Map changes

  • Removed roadwork from LV Highway
  • Added roadwork at LV Highway by TheGame
  • Fixed bugs around Olafsvik