Server downtime & recovery

Hi all,

An incident occurred a few days ago (Sunday 25 November 2018, ~5am UTC/GMT) causing the server's database to become unreadable, therefore both gameserver and website went offline.

To get the server running again, the database was rebuilt using the database's recovery mode. This means there is a possible chance that some data may have been lost as the recovery mode ignores any invalid database records when reading the database, allowing a recovery of the remaining valid data to be made.

If you have noticed any missing statistics, vehicles, money, transfers, messages etc, please post in Problems & Complaints board on forum.


Server update to 3.4.1

  • Fixed Cruise Control script causing false bans whilst using it in airplane.

Server update to 3.4

  • Cruise control is now enabled for boats and aircraft
  • Increased job limit per class from 5550 to 6000
  • Fixed admin command for adding new companies (loading points)

Server update to 3.3.2

Gamemode changes:

  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to do a mission repeatedly (CarlJohnson)

Map changes:

  • Removed roadwork from Doherty 
  • Removed roadwork from Market, Los Santos
  • Added roadwork near Bone County Gas plant by Benny
  • Added roadwork near Whitewood States by Doc.

Server update to 3.3.1

  • Removed Christmas presents and maps
  • Code cleanup