Server update to 2.23

Gamemode changes:

  • Added missions and minimap to Narwick expansion, Narwick City and The Unresting Desert expansion(Sjomp)
  • Added search button in club vehicles list (Joshy, Sjomp)
  • Fixed bug in /contacts command (Sjomp)
  • Updated admin bonuses events (Sjomp)
  • Added ability for admins to create pickups to win an RC Bandit (Sjomp)

Map changes:

  • Removed roadwork from Palomino Creek bridge
  • Fixed some bugs in the christmas maps
  • Removed some flying objects in Blueberry

Website update to 3.1.1

Today's minor update adds present count to the Scoretable!

Server update to 2.22


  • Enabled Christmas presents script
  • Added Christmas decoration at server
  • Fixed text cut-off in server info dialog
  • Updated streamer plugin to v2.8.2
  • Cops can now send messages directly by using ^ (CarlJohnson)
  • Added Roadwork by Benny at Las Venturas and at Las Payasadas

Website update to 3.1

  • Lap times for Los Santos and Las Venturas racetracks are now displayed on separate tabs
  • vehicle selection dropdown in lap times page now only shows cars - non car vehicles such as airplanes and trailers are removed.
  • Upgraded django with latest security patches

Server update to 2.21.1

This gamemode update was brought to you by Sjomp:

  • Increased load capacity of Duneride and Big dumper
  • Fixed LS racetrack bug
  • Fixed bug that displayed wrong vehicle name while unloading plane
  • Added Locate button to club vehicle dialog and check if vehicle is spawned
  • Removed roadwork at Red County

Server update to 2.20

Gamemode changes:

  • Decreased billboard prices (Sjomp)
  • Added admin event system (Sjomp)
  • Added the eight-track in the Los Santos Stadium (Sjomp, CarlJohnson)


Server update to 2.19.1

Server update to 2.19

Gamemode changes:

  • Added coach missions to Bone County (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed police spawn point in Milestone County (CarlJohnson)
  • Added helicopter missions to Spiritual Island (CarlJohnson)
  • Paintjobs can now be purchased in shops (Sjomp)
  • Added missions, minimap, speedtraps and gps areas to Olafsvik (CarlJohnson)
  • Desert and Narwick now have their own weather zones (Sjomp)
  • Fixed Racetrack incorrectly recording time under 1 second (Sjomp)
  • Fixed speeding fine exploit (Sjomp)
  • Updated Las Venturas Airport Island (TheGame and CarlJohnson)

Map changes

  • Added Narwick City map (Sjomp)
  • Fixed the tunnel in Los Santos (Sjomp)
  • Added 2 new roadworks in Ridgecrest and Palomino Creek (Sjomp)
  • Moved hot airballoons from Red County to Flint County (Sjomp)
  • Expanded Olafsvik Island (TheGame)

Website design update

Website has been upgraded to version 3.0 today!

The main change is the design layout, which has been upgraded to use bootstrap. Please report any issues found in our bug reports forum section

Server maintenance

Server is being upgraded at the moment. Sorry for the down time, all player data is safe and backed up. Please check back in a few hours.

Update: Server maintenance is finished, server is again available at samp://

Server update to 2.18

Gamemode changes by CarlJohnson:

  • Added missions to Alcatraz
  • Fixed spawn points in Vice City, Sandus Keys, Milestone
  • Fixed refueling at Narwick Airport
  • Added interest information to /help command
  • Changed low fuel warning threshold to show earlier
  • Added Speedtraps around Desert and Narwick
  • Added wrong side fine around Desert and Narwick

Map changes:

  • Added roadwork in Red County by CarlJohnson
  • Removed roadworks from Los Santos, Eyre and Las Venturas


Android app update to 1.1

  • Added launch screen with Convoy Trucking logo
  • Added About screen with credits and links

Android app is back in Google Play

The app had been removed since website update broke some of the APIs months ago, but it's now live again with completely new codebase, new material design and new features.

As previously, the source code of the app is available on GitHub, where issues can be reported, and contributions (pull requests) submitted.

Google Play link

Website update

  • Added news section to the website (mick88)

Server update to 2.17

  • /sharevehicle command is once again available to players allowing them to share their private vehicle be shared with a club (by CarlJohnson & Joshy)
  • Updated Narwick map (by Sjomp)
  • Added missions to Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Made Narwick Airport Functional (CarlJohnson)
  • Made Gas Stations at Narwick and Desert functional (CarlJohnson)
  • Added GPS zones at Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed GPS zones at Unresting Desert
  • /mycars now displays whether vehicle is owned by club or by player, vehicle owned by club (bought from club funds) will be displayed with a [club] tag (CarlJohnson)

Server update to 2.16

  • Added missions and GPS zone areas to Unresting Desert (Tyler)
  • Added new maps: Eyre roadworks, LS lightworks, maintenance, SF waterbreak, waterworks, vegas motorworks (by Ethan)