Server update to 3.6

Gamemode changes

  • Added presents script (for scoretable click here)
  • Mobile users can now hit gas + brake at same time to fuel aircrafts and boats
  • Mobile users now have a green * in their player tags on their character
  • Updated leaving messages for mobile users
  • Fixed cruiscontrol bug for shamal where some players got unfair banned
  • Added paramedics class
    • You can now /work in Ambulance while in the paramedic class
    • Finishing the paramedic achievement (500 missions) unlocks tuning for Ambulance
    • You pick up patients from their homes and drive them to hospitals all around the server maps
    • Thanks to Loup for helping making a list of all hospitals

Map changes

  • Added christmas maps (James_Jason)
  • Updated the tolls at Olafsvik (James_Jason)
  • Removed Harry Gold Parkway, Las Venturas roadwork
  • Added 2 new roadworks in Bone county and Red County (Dr_Alio)

server update 3.6.1 is to fix bugs in above

server update 3.6.2 fixed a bug in limo missions caused by the paramedic missions

server update 3.6.3 is to fix more small bugs in above (by Kake)

Server update to 3.5.9

Gamemode changes

  • Improvements for mobile users
    • vehicle engine will now start when mobile users enter
    • vehicle engine will now start after finishing fueling
    • mobile users can now use the F button to attach other vehicles in towtruck or tractor
    • staff will be able to see if player is using mobile or not
    • mobile user will now connect with a green * in their connecting message
    • server will now create map icons for mobile users to show where other players are


server update 3.5.10 is to fix bugs in above

server update 3.5.11 is also to fix bugs in above and adds name tags for mobile users

Server update to 3.5.8

Gamemode changes

  • Changed eviction time of houses based on slots (Kake)
    • 1 and 2 slots are evicted after 360 days
    • 3 and 4 slots are evicted after 180 days
    • 5+ slots are evicted after 60 days
  • 10-13 code returns weather and area (Kake)
  • Driver radio station will be streamed when player is passenger (Kake)
  • Update of actors script (Sjomp)
  • Enabled neons for Monster Trucks (Sjomp)
  • Mappers can now create actors inside their maps (Sjomp)
  • Added the horn button for refueling vehicles so it can be used by android users (Sjomp)

Server update to 3.5.7

Gamemode changes

  • bug fixes (Kake)
  • Player accounts with less then 10 score will be deleted after 360 days from now.
  • Added ability for admins to change minimap zone colors easier
Map changes
  • new roadwork in Fir island (Fox)
  • new roadwork in Las Venturas (Benny)
  • new bus parking at Cranberry Station, San Fierro (Fox)
  • removed 2 roadworks